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Thanks for visiting our website. Our Hokkaido Ramen Restaurants are casual Japanese ramen restaurants with locations popping up all over Montana. We offer a wide variety of authentic Japanese ramen dishes in a full service dining room, and we also offer carry-out if you’re short on time. All of our food is prepared fresh to order every time with only the finest and freshest ingredients, and we work very hard to give you an amazing overall dining experience. Come by anytime for a satisfying bowl of traditional Japanese ramen, appetizers, fresh sushi (at select Hokkaido locations), rice dishes, and bubble tea. Some of our most popular specialty menu selections would be the Gyoza and Bang Bang Shrimp for an appetizer and a Tantanmen or the Spicy Beef Ramen from the kitchen. Being privately and locally owned, we are able to offer a more intimate dining experience with a vibe you just don’t get in the typical corporately owned restaurants. We have an undeniable special energy in each of our restaurants and we have a unique and very inexpensive menu too (you can’t get burgers, pizza, or steak every night right?). We are very pleased to offer Montanans a fresh new style of restaurant and it’s really just a laid-back place to relax, wind-down, and enjoy some great food and service in a positive environment without breaking the bank. 


What’s in Our Name?

We often get asked about our name and what it means.  Well, this should give you some background on what we’re all about…

Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan’s main islands known for its volcanoes, natural hot springs, snow skiing, and exceptional cuisine.

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish with oriental-style wheat noodles served in a rich and savory broth with pork, chicken, or beef, the freshest combination of vegetables, and a specially soft-boiled egg that’s marinated in a sweet soy sauce.

Irasshaimase is a typical Japanese greeting from the employees when you enter their business that basically means, “Welcome to our store”. You might have wondered what the greeting that was shouted out by the team when you walked in to some of our Hokkaido restaurants, just adding another layer of fun and authenticity.

Izakaya is a casual type of restaurant and pub in Japan that serves Japanese comfort food along with beer, sake, and other drinks.


Hokkaido Ramen Restaurants bring all of these together to provide you an authentic and amazing Japanese dining experience.  We are sure you will enjoy it as much as we do, but be warned the food and atmosphere is addicting.


Hokkaido Ramen
& Izakaya

We have such a beautiful, unique restaurant and the location in the Great Northern Town Center is amazing. Our team decided to create a special new dining experience that starts with the energy you feel in our restaurant when you walk in the door and are greeted with an “Irasshaimase!” from our energetic team members. We pride ourselves on our customer service and you will feel it from each and every team member from start to finish, our consistency is something we decided to embrace as a team identity along with our customer service. It’s easy to do when you supportive customers like we do and when you have a menu that has so many incredible flavor profiles and is so affordable for the whole family. Beautiful open windows throughout the restaurant, which also include receding doors that open up to our awesome patio area during the warmer times, allow for a well-lit, upscale dining room that is unique to this location. The restaurant’s centerpiece is the sushi bar located in the middle of the dining room where our world-class sushi chef is showcased for your viewing pleasure if you so choose; we even have sushi bar seating for a front row show. Being right next to the Cinemark Movie Theater and near the Great Northern Carousel as well as the Best Western Premier Great Northern Hotel along with our family-friendly menu allows for a fun day or night of healthy inexpensive family fun.

We offer a speedy yet un-rushed service and every item on our menu is packed with incredible flavor and with such a wide variety there’s something for everyone. We have unique recipes for our broths and sauces, and we’re excited to provide you the best Helena has to offer when you eat in our restaurant or utilize our incredibly efficient take-out service. Your food is always prepared with such consistency either by a world-class sushi chef or any one of our expertly trained kitchen chefs led by the best kitchen manager in Montana, Gabby Mozer. You will also be served by any one of our talented, positive, genuine, and outgoing Front of House service team members that strive to always provide you with the incredible overall dining experience Helena deserves. Come by anytime day or night for a satisfying bowl of traditional Japanese ramen, appetizers, fresh sushi, rice dishes, bubble tea, beer, wine, sake cocktails & don’t forget about Montana’s largest sake selection. Looking for something from our award-winning sushi bar? Try the Bozeman Roll, it’s deep fried and a true flavor explosion! Our beer, wine, and sake bar offers a 12-tap selection with some of the best local beers Montana has to offer. We have intentionally created a kind of a Cheers vibe in our restaurant that you can sense. In addition to our seasonal patio seating, we also offer indoor fireplace seating during the colder times, and a valuable Happy Hour Menu on Sunday-Thursday nights from 4-6. Join us at your Helena Hokkaido Ramen & Izakaya and find out what all the hype is about, it’s Ramen Time Montana!


Ramen House

We opened the Bozeman Hokkaido Ramen House (our second Hokkaido Restaurant in Montana after Helena Hokkaido Ramen & Izakaya in December 2018) in January of 2020 and thankfully we immediately received a tremendous outpouring of support from the Bozeman community. Our beautiful new restaurant is conveniently located across the street from the Gallatin Valley Mall and Regal Gallatin Valley Movie Theaters next to the Verizon store. We have completely re-designed the interior to reflect the positive energy each of our Hokkaido Restaurants exudes when you first walk through the doors. The owners went all out to create a fresh vibe in our beautiful newly remodeled dining area that’s highlighted by an incredibly memorable ramen dragon samurai painting on our main wall. We have very comfortable seating throughout the dining area with bar-style seating, regular table dining, or large booths as well and we are set up for casual dine-in or for convenient carryout as well. 

We are pleased to bring you our fresh, unique, and inexpensive menu that will have something for everyone and it has been customized for families, young professionals, or college students on a budget. Our authentic and traditional ramen broths and sauces are all original recipes and will hook you right away with their incredible range of flavor profiles. The food has already won multiple awards in Helena in its first year of operation including receiving the cover of The Local Magazine and several Best of Helena awards too. We pride ourselves on our identity of having the most consistently high quality food and excellent customer service no matter what day, what time, or who’s on shift. Every team member is committed to perfectly executing each of our valued customer’s meals (all made fresh to order) so that you will always get the incredible overall dining experience that is so rare in todays restaurants. We specialize in Japanese-style cuisine and comfort food primarily consisting of several authentic gourmet ramens, hot appetizers, rice dishes, boba/bubble teas, and a new build your own Poke salad bowl. Being a new restaurant, we are making daily adjustments to ensure we are constantly making positive improvements based on trial and error, customer insight, and feedback from the team. Our goal is to be at least a little better each day than we were the day before, individually and as a team. The opportunity for us to offer the greater Bozeman area an alternative to the cookie cutter corporate burger and steak restaurants is one we don’t take lightly and are excited to rise to the challenge and show you a different kind of dining experience than you’re used to. We do have to warn you guys though, this food is incredibly addicting and so is the energy in the restaurant. We can’t wait to see you soon and hopefully become your new favorite restaurant. It’s definitely Ramen Time Bozeman!