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Thanks for visiting our website. Our Hokkaido Ramen Restaurants are casual Japanese ramen restaurants with locations popping up all over Montana and in Idaho in 2021. We offer a wide variety of authentic Japanese ramen dishes in a full service dining room, and we also offer carry-out if you’re short on time. We have a great website with pictures and accurate descriptions where you can also order online. All of our food is prepared fresh to order every time with only the finest and freshest ingredients (we make our broth from scratch), and we work very hard to give you an amazing overall dining experience. Come by anytime for a satisfying bowl of traditional Japanese ramen, appetizers, fresh sushi (at our Hokkaido Ramen & Sushi Bar locations), rice dishes, and a variety of boba/bubble/galaxy teas. Some of our most popular specialty menu selections would be the Gyoza and Bang Bang Shrimp for an appetizer and a Tantanmen or the Spicy Beef Ramen. Being privately and locally owned, we are able to offer a more intimate dining experience with a vibe you just don’t get in the typical corporately owned restaurants. We have an undeniable special energy in each of our restaurants and we have a unique and very inexpensive menu too (you can’t get burgers, pizza, or steak every night right?). We are very pleased to offer Montanans and Idahoans a fresh new style of restaurant and it’s really just a laid-back place to relax, wind-down, and enjoy some great food and service in a positive environment without breaking the bank. It’s Ramen Time!


We have two distinctly different and yet similar style of restaurants. We have the Hokkaido Ramen & Sushi Bar and the Hokkaido Ramen House. Both restaurant styles will have almost all of our main traditional ramens and many of the same popular appetizers as well as a nice boba/bubble/galaxy tea selection. The Ramen & Sushi Bar locations will be larger with more dine-in space and will also include a sushi bar as well as a beer, wine, and sake bar. The Ramen House will have a more limited but still incredible menu to choose from. Both restaurants will have the same recipes and the same positive vibe and a fresh, open, and unique Hokkaido-style dining room. Both styles of restaurants will also have amazing staffs with a priority on creating the safest dining experience possible (we’ve been recognized by local Health Departments for our covid-19 precautions and being proactive instead of reactive) while giving the best customer service possible from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and consistency of our orders too, no one wants to feel like Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon 2 after picking up their takeout, we’ve got your back.


We often get asked about our name and what it means. Well, this should give you some background on what we’re all about…

Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan’s main islands known for its volcanoes, natural hot springs, snow skiing, and exceptional cuisine.

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish with oriental-style wheat noodles served in a rich and savory broth with pork, chicken, or beef, the freshest combination of vegetables, and a specially soft-boiled egg that’s marinated in a sweet soy sauce.

Irasshaimase is a typical Japanese greeting from the employees when you enter their business that basically means, “Welcome to our store”. You might have wondered what the greeting that was shouted out by the team when you walked in to some of our Hokkaido restaurants, just adding another layer of fun and authenticity.

Izakaya is a casual type of restaurant and pub in Japan that serves Japanese comfort food along with beer, sake, and other drinks.

Hokkaido Ramen Restaurants bring all of these together to provide you an authentic and amazing Japanese dining experience. We are sure you will enjoy it as much as we do, but be warned the food and atmosphere is addicting.